About the Festival

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On the Same Page, Ashe County’s literary festival, simply put — is a celebration of reading and writing.
~It provides an opportunity for authors to share their work and themselves with readers.
~It gives readers a chance to rub elbows with the authors who take them on journeys through their writing.
~It offers writers a chance to be inspired and to practice their craft.
~It offers writers a chance to attend instructive and hands-on workshops
~It is a special time in the mountains of North Carolina for lovers of the written word.
Each year, On the Same Page takes on a unique theme and a unique flavor. The theme is planned and intentional, and provides a thread that is woven throughout the festival. The flavor is organic. Instead of being planned, it develops from the people and the combination of special events that are included in and that surround each festival, as well as the spirit of the mountain community in which it is held. Readings, writing workshops, discussions, visual art, performance art, film, spoken word, craft, food, and more blend together each year to become the special experience that is the On the Same Page Festival.

Some History

ON THE SAME PAGE, Ashe County’s literary festival, was born of the major expansion of the Ashe County Public Library in 2008–2009. As the new library building took shape on the hill overlooking West Jefferson, library Director Jim McQueen consulted with Jane Lonon, Executive Director of the Ashe County Arts Council, and others about an appropriate way to celebrate and make use of the new library when it reopened.  A committee was formed, and, advised by local and regional experts, decided to start by holding a county-wide Festival Read. It was from here, that the festival grew to the multi-faceted event that it is today.

The principal sponsors of ON THE SAME PAGE are the Ashe County Arts Council and the Ashe County Public Library, with help from members of the community.

A Community Festival

Besides celebrating the library, the arts in Ashe County, and ‘close-to-home’ authors, ON THE SAME PAGE is intended to expand the reading experience of all citizens of Ashe County, regardless of age and interest. The Arts Council sponsors a full range of performers in Ashe County Schools each year that connect to the Literary Festival and focus on literature and the importance of reading and writing.

Festival event venues include the library, the Ashe Arts Center and various local restaurants.  At these locations, you will enjoy book discussions, readings, the Book Fair, writing workshops, a chance to interact with the authors, and so much more.

The books of all ON THE SAME PAGE authors will be available for purchase (and signing!) at all festival events, as well as at the Ashe Arts Center Gallery.

One of the most popular events of the festival, Lunch with an Author, will again take place in various eateries in the immediate area.  Watch for more infomation about these events in upcoming months.

Financial Support

ON THE SAME PAGE is funded with grants, generous donations by Page Turners and funding from corporations and agencies including SkyLine Membership Corporation, Ashe County government, the West Jefferson TDA, the Friends of the Ashe County Library, and Caddell Communications.

The ON THE SAME PAGE coordinating committee is grateful for these indications of the community’s interest and support.